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Benefit Concepts, Inc.
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Our Services

About Us
Benefit Concepts, Inc. (BCI), located in Shreveport, Louisiana, was established in 1989 as a full-service Employee Benefits firm. BCI’s unique services include benefit planning, online enrollment, and plan analysis. Through our Benefit Management Service company, Administration & Benefits Consulting, Inc. (ABC), we are able to provide clients with a more effective way to manage employee benefits without excessive use of their internal resources.

BCI utilizes experience, insight and leading edge technology to deliver innovative products. With our commitment to value and responsive customer service, we can design a cost effective plan that allows you, the client, to provide your employees with valuable benefits while saving you time and money.

Medical Benefits
Our services are tailored for groups ranging in size from 50 employees at a single location to several thousand employees nationwide. We understand the impact of employee benefits in the organization’s balance of costs, compensation and employee satisfaction. Our objective is to deliver a benefit program aligned with your business objectives.
BCI consultants and brokers offer a complete line of group insurance. Our specialties include plan design, comparative analysis, shopping the marketplace and overall management of group insurance plans. Coverages include medical, dental, life, vision, disability, medical indemnity plans, voluntary products, flexible benefit plans, and many others including customized benefits.

Plan Design
Our process in establishing a plan is to first identify the employer’s objectives.  Then, working with the employer, select the best plan(s), from all those available, which meet these objectives.  In some cases, multiple plans are implemented offering High Deductible Health Plans, Medical Indemnity Plans, or traditional Major Medical PPO Plans. This evaluation is performed on an annual basis. Plans are tailored to the needs, demographics and budget of the Plan Sponsor and its participants.

Self-funding is a way to maximize your cash flow by eliminating insurance company margins while minimizing your risk through the purchase of stop-loss insurance.
BCI has extensive experience in the self-funded and alternative risk transfer markets, and provides clients with comprehensive information about prospective options. These types of plans are especially beneficial to companies that want to maximize the financial effectiveness of their benefits program over the long term.

Reporting and Analysis
Another strength of our company is detailed reporting and analysis on a monthly or quarterly basis.  With our reports, the client can pinpoint current health care spending trends, evaluate plan performance and estimate the cost of further benefit alternatives.  There are 40 standard reports, but with query capability, reports can be designed to the specific parameters defined by the client. 
In addition, BCI offers consulting services which include plan design, market assessment and comparative analysis, as well as overall monitoring and management of group insurance plans.  We request and review quotes and other market information from carriers and TPAs for our clients.  The information allows us to provide detailed analysis of your health benefit plan performance with the ability to organize health claim data while comparing diagnoses, services, and utilization patterns to identify opportunities for improvement.  Some of our capabilities include:

  • Health plan utilization and cost analysis by provider, procedure or diagnosis
  • Frequency and cost information associated with key health service groups
  • Health expenditures for specified time period, by company or department
  • Graphical summaries of expenditures, discounts and cost sharing arrangements
  • Prescription drug utilization by major classes and specific drug
  • Graphical and data analysis tools for managing high claimant situations 
  • Flexible data query by user defined date ranges
  • Data download routines for exporting information to spreadsheets or database files

Employee-Paid Group Voluntary Benefits
Due to the high cost of benefits, many employers can only support a group medical plan and possibly a dental plan or 401k. Other group plans are simply not affordable or not available due to minimum participation requirements. Not having these products puts your employees (and you, as the employer) at a disadvantage when they need additional types of coverage since individual plans are generally much more expensive than group plans. Additionally when these benefits are offered at the worksite, they can be payroll deducted which eases an administrative burden to your employees.  With BCI, your employees can select from the following voluntary benefits at no cost to your company:

  • Life
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Cancer
  • Critical Illness
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Accident Insurance
  • Long-Term Care
  • Whole Life